Automated Commission Rebating

One of the most highly demanded functionalities of REVEX is available as an additional function to all clients. Finally, a way to efficiently rebate commissions to your clients by creating an aba file, at the click of a button.

REVEX will calculate, track, store and report on all aspects of your commission revenue, as well as generate ‘Activity Statements’ for disclosure to your clients so they know exactly what is being rebated.

In accordance with government legislation, ASIC’s definition and terms of use for ‘Independence’, requires a number of criteria to be met. One of which is arguably the most time consuming; rebating commissions received from providers.

There is no question that commissions are fundamental (or at least have been) to cash flow, so you must ensure your pricing model is complementary to this service.

Take a look at our Premium Partners page to see who can give you advice on this strategy. Get on the road to Independence faster and with more control than ever before. When we say we’re business partners, we mean it.

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