Seamlessly integrated invoice management has the potential to positively change the entire cash flow of your business. Forget your bank or generic receivable platform providers, this solution is 100% tailored to the financial planning industry. You!

The key term here is ‘seamless’. When invoices are prepared in Revex, then distributed via email or PDF, by setting the collection method to use aPay, your need for reconciliation resources and time is completely alleviated. Direct Debiting the client’s bank account or (optional) their credit card, puts you back in control of your cash flow.

Our aPay Direct Debit facility requires no security, NONE. There are no limits per se and perhaps the best thing of all, you still receive Revex’s unrivaled support and training. No need for time consuming and frustrating meetings with your banker, just a simplified process whilst your Revex site is being set up.

  • Direct Debit collection from bank accounts
  • Credit Card facilities including recurring payments

We batch up all of your requested debits and process them each night. When the funds are received overnight (in a bulk file), Revex automatically splits each income to the invoice you generated.

The funds are assigned to the client, allocated to the invoice, classified as per your FDS instructions, and removed from your debtors list. Whether you’ve received 1 payment, or 10,000 payments, all at the click of a button, reconciled in less than 5 seconds. No uploading files, no mapping, no transaction type allocation and next to no debtor chasing.

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