100% Dedicated to Revenue

With the competitive and regulatory landscape changing and pressure on AFSL holders to provide cost effective and value added solutions to advisers, technology efficient solutions become a crucial business focus. Advisers are demanding greater transparency, more timely information and a higher level of service and communication. 

True Open Field Integration

Ever since 'Open Ecosystem' became a trend word, we fail to see true sharing across our peers. No competitor can replicate REVEX's commitment to correcting this. We will connect with any and every industry CRM provider. No bias, no judgement, no pressure. Just 100% dedication to your revenue.

CONNECT any/multiple CRMs for OneTouch Invoicing

ENHANCE using any/multiple Compliance Software

ADD engagement feeding any/multiple Reporting Tools

Clients or Revenue?

If servicing your clients is Priority 1, REVEX thinks ahead, so you don't have to. If revenue management is in your role description, REVEX thinks with you, minimising Opportunity Cost. Our team is always assessing the case for further functionality where efficiency is needed. If it involves your revenue (which comes from your clients), we're on it!

Client friendly document generation. aPay Invoice to FDS and now REBATE assist

Extensive customisation to accommodate diverse revenue channels

Expert Precision Data Quality to satisfy banks, auditors and P.I. Insurers alike

Share. Engage. Grow

Misunderstood legislation, poorly communicated regulation and unimaginable pandemics, today is unlike any other, in Financial Services history. Understanding your business down to a granular level of detail is critical. REVEX reports address (almost) every need, be it business activity, compliance driven, adviser focused, client specific or pay related. Grow your knowledge of up and coming solutions industry wide, in NETWORX, a REVEX initiative.

'Devil's in the Detail', we rely on precise, clean data

Key Performance Indicators and un-matched report quality

It's a small world, but our Industry reaches to the end. Expand, with NETWORX