Transparency is perhaps the industry's most favoured, and hated word of the decade. Although a desirable trait, it can come at a cost for those stuck with legacy systems. Often, it means having to mandate CRM platforms across your network... not a strong selling point! No such issue, with REVEX. Being independent, means data integration issues are things of the past.

As Australia's most experienced and independent provider, we can demonstrate beyond all reasonable doubt that providing advisers access to flexible, efficient fee collection methods, revenue data and diverse reporting options is crucial. The AFSL maintains control where needed, but allows their adviser network to create endless reporting styles, customised and unique invoices with an array of payment options for their clients. They can conduct their business, online, anytime.

Not only does the adviser network gain access to unrivalled reporting precision, they can export and utilise the high quality REVEX data to the best of their ability in order to improve their business model. By also extending crmACCESS and dataACCESS to your adviser network, the possibilities are endless. Whilst advsers can opt to generate FDS, OSA or FTA documents in their CRM, they can also produce them within REVEX.

Combined, adviserACCESS affords the AFSL the comfort of knowing compliance is being adhered to. Oversight by executive level management can provide trend insights or live views of adviser performance. It's a win, win, for all involved.

When there's nothing to hide, there's nothing to lose.