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Midwinter was founded in August 2007 by Julian Plummer, James Murphy and Andrew McClelland with the goal of making the generation of financial advice more efficient and affordable.

Since then, they have developed a range of cutting edge financial planning software packages, in particular – their latest offering – AdviceOS.

AdviceOS has a strong emphasis on compliance, practice management, advice generation and client engagement. They know and understand the problems faced by advisers and the hurdles they experience in delivering quality advice to their clients and they are proud that as trusted financial planning professionals, they have been able to provide an advice solution to overcome these obstacles through AdviceOS. Additionally, FDS data can be simply imported from Revex with a few simple clicks removing the need for dual database maintenance.

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As a provider of XPlan management, we’ve interacted a great deal with the Enzumo team, with the goal of increasing relationships and transparency with mutual clients. Always professional and efficient, their friendly staff are also a wealth of knowledge!

Enzumo are a business efficiency partner, providing software solutions that are designed to help businesses operate more efficiently and compliantly. There aim is to maximize system performance through clarifying opportunities, improving systems and enhancing processes to harness the power of technology more effectively.

With Enzumo’s help, they can improve your productivity, find more time for clients and enhance the customer experience.


The Boutique Financial Planning Principals’ Group Inc (BFP) is a not for profit association that represents the interests and high ideals of non-aligned Australian Financial Service Licensees who provide personal, tailored and ongoing advice that is in the client’s best interest. Their Members’ goal is to ensure consumers have a genuine alternative to institutional business models.

BFP is an association that genuinely helps its members to better themselves and improve their businesses. A welcoming and engaging group that we’ve been honoured to provide our services to.

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Elixir Consulting was founded in October 2007 by Sue Viskovic.

Having witnessed the incredible results that business owners achieve when they have an independent expert in their corner to help them with strategic decisions, growth strategies and overall business advice, Sue created a consultancy that specialised in the business of advice.  A passionate believer in the value of excellent financial and risk advice, she founded Elixir in order to empower more advisers to deliver better advice through the evolution of better business practices.

Sue is one of the most trusted names in the industry, providing engaging, thought provoking and sound business advice to many Revex clients. Not only a wealth of information and knowledge, Sue is an absolute pleasure to deal with.

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A new approach to FoFA Management. The team at REVEX were thrilled to see one of our clients taking the initiative to build something so critical, yet so simple.

Ensure a positive first impression for your valued clients. Take control of your FoFA compliance requirements, with visibility and transparency over your practice or dealer group, simply at a glance.

Understand your compliance obligations at Client | Adviser | Practice | Dealer Group level. Set aside your excel spreadsheets and be visually guided to view upcoming due dates, including FDS and Opt-in, as well as review dates.

Coupled with the power of integration with REVEX’s industry leading data quality, Ontoma provides the interface of simplicity and stimulation.

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Captegra is a process automation platform designed and built to help the financial services industry comply, advise and invest in a more efficient, trusted and secure way. Their primary goal is ‘to make our clients more efficient’​. Their Governance, Risk & Compliance module allows you to manage every responsibility of your AFSL from adviser registers to committees and all of your monitoring and supervision audit requirements.

While the Captegra Financial Planning Suite has been designed with efficiency in mind and this is due to the power of the Process Designer. Captegra makes it easy for anyone to design workflows, integrations and automations, with no programming skills required. And to make it even easier, they have created a Process Library where you can choose from their growing list of predesigned workflows. It is that simple. Put simply, it’s their goal to make you as efficient as you can be. Their team has combined experience of over 60 years in financial services processes and technology.

A business that REVEX is proud to partner with, as we can attest to the fact this team means business!

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One of Australia’s most trusted payment solution providers is the power behind Revex’s, aPay receivables service. SecurePay have gone above and beyond what was expected by Revex, and as such, we are incredibly happy to promote and thank them for their service.

SecurePay has worked with Australian businesses for more than 15 years, helping more than 40,000 businesses on their e-commerce journeys.

They offer a wide range of online payment solutions, including SecurePay Online Payments – a complete online payments solution – as well as various payment gateway solutions.

They are an Australian company, with their team of payment specialists based here for help and advice when you need it.

Phone: 02 8005 6557


All the specialist point solutions in the world won’t manage and grow your business. PractiFI is designed to be the platform to run a wealth company, day in, day out. Its features are aimed squarely at driving revenue, increasing workflow efficiency, building team collaboration and reducing customer servicing costs, across all of your business divisions, hence the Revex relationship.

But most importantly, it’s how PractiFI brings these features together that really matters.

PractiFI is the customer platform for wealth management. Built with the power of Salesforce, PractiFI brings the best of contemporary cloud features and integration to the wealth industry. But it’s more than just a system. It’s an ecosystem of best-of-breed technologies that integrate harmoniously to create something that’s so much more than the sum of its parts.

This open ecosystem is why Revex is pleased to work directly with the fantastic team at PractiFI, in line with our commitment to sharing data across ALL financial planning systems.


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The YTML group, is a leading advice technology and consulting partner providing a wide range of innovative product solutions and services to a diversified client base including the big 4 financial institutions, major dealer groups and smaller businesses. Founded in 2010, YTML is a privately owned and financially independent group headquartered in Sydney and with an office in Melbourne.

At YTML group, their goal is simple: With their experienced professional team, they will help businesses maximise profitability by reducing the cost of servicing clients and improving client engagement. SEIDO is a core part of that framework, incorporating solutions such as Highlighter, Binder, Canvas and Staple.

REVEX loves to promote businesses with an ethos that replicates ours. Efficiency, engagement and cost effectiveness. Open architecture remaining at the forefront of all.

Your Technology Made Lite.

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Web: CCube

Sharing Revex’s doctrine, modern software and design enables CCUBE to do things incumbent products don’t. It efficiently and seamlessly integrates with industry leading tools and research to enhance the quality of advice, that now includes Revex.

With CCUBE, you finally have the freedom to do business your way. Work with clients remotely. Work more efficiently. Choose the degree of autonomy you want to give clients. Spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks. Get more time to build business, more time to build relationships.

Experience quantum improvements in efficiency, productivity and profitability. CCUBE is the first end to end wealth management platform, developed by technology and advice experts to enhance business agility and future proof your business.

Powerful, yet simple drop and drag SOA and workflow management coupled with streamlined data feed processing – reducing support and training costs.


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McDougall Kelly & Martinis is one of Australia’s leading specialist insurance firms that combines global access with in-depth local expertise. They transform their specialist knowledge into outcomes that matter for their clients, their staff and the financial services industry.

MKM pride themselves on their accessible, collaborative, and client centric way of working. They are one firm, working as one team to deliver a seamless client experience from designing your insurance program, managing your program and handing claims. They utilise their extensive knowledge gained in over 25 years of both the insurance industry and financial services sector to secure successful outcomes for their clients.

Having worked with Oscar, we can assure you of MKM Partners’ professionalism and knowledge.

Web: Omnium

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Omnium can help your business with customised life insurance software solutions. They specialise in developing the following solutions:

  • Life Insurance illustration solutions for your insurance company
  • Life Insurance application forms
  • Life Insurance underwriting solutions

Life insurance software development is their core business, and they have developed specialised life insurance software for large insurers such as AMP, MLC, AXA and financial adviser dealer groups such as Millennium3, Synchron and IOOF. If you want to partner with an innovative and experienced software developer in life insurance, Omnium is your ideal partner.

Trishanth and his team are always vibrant, happy and engaging, making them a pleasure to work with!

Web: Adviser Intelligence

Phone: 1300 422 168

Adviser Intelligence has created an affordable, cloud-based software platform to connect advisers to clients, and managers to their practice. The software as a service brings adviser campaigns, website, CRM, client engagement, advice, client portal, workflows and apps together, seamlessly. Via any mobile device. a.i. has a deep understanding of advice and technology; they have the best-of-the-best building their intelligent advice offering, and they are digitising all facets of financial advice, delivered in a way the industry has never seen before.

Launching early in 2017, a.i. has been very forthcoming in demonstrating their capabilities. We were very impressed! In line with our commitment to remaining Australia’s independent leader in revenue management, Revex will always engage in shared data environments with all providers, but we’ll only promote those with similar business values.


The Revex Group will not provide generic pricing models, as we strongly believe that partnering with a business is an individual relationship.

Every relationship is different. From your standard operating requirements, to customisation, outsourcing components, payment collection methods and reporting, our staff will ask the questions that few, if any, of our competitors even think of.