It's the expectation of today's world. At last, completely alleviate, daily manual bank item imports.

The regulatory body in charge of Australia's 'Open Banking' platform, has been sidetracked. Thus, delays are still occurring, and we don't see any commitment before 2021 at the very earliest. Once again, it's up to small business to make things happen. 

The old routine of logging into your bank software, exporting csv statements, logging into REVEX, importing your statements and linking any new items... can now be made redundant.

We’ve been visualising this concept for years, but only recently, have we found a provider that is reputable, reliable, secure and cost effective enough, for us to enable this service upgrade, now officially named bankCONNECT.

Each morning you log in to REVEX, your banking is all ready to go… making life just that little bit easier.

  • ADL
  • ANZ
  • BBL
  • BOQ
  • BSA
  • BWA
  • CBA
  • ING
  • MAC
  • NAB
  • STG
  • WBC