REVEX® is a financial services revenue management provider, providing flexible solutions for your business needs. We operate a co-directed outsource licensee management company, CommCentral, as well as offering a Direct Debit solution as a module of Revex, known as aPay. Becoming a business partner with us, leads to efficiency. Return to profit, concentrate on clients, build your business and benefit from the most experienced team in Australia

With the competitive and regulatory landscape changing and pressure on AFSL holders to provide cost effective and value added solutions to advisers, technology efficient solutions become a crucial business focus. Advisers are demanding greater transparency, more timely information and a higher level of service and communication. Adviser focused technology that is cost effective and simple to manage is the key.

Independence and flexibility incorporating boutique style arrangements means Revex remains an open platform for compatibility across many systems, meaning you retain revenue oversight, without the expense of mandating vertically integrated systems; not to mention giving your advisers the freedom to choose their advice software.

Revex is 100% privately owned. We are not financially or contractually associated with any company. We support independent AFSL holders, by being independent ourselves.

Our very first client, remains with us today. A compliment to both Optimus and our long serving Revex staff, our relationship grows every year

We are a private client advisory firm, that specialises in providing private equity opportunities for sophisticated investors across an array of providers in the financial services industry.

Revex software has been an integral part of our company in assisting us monitor our revenue and allowing us to create business reports that are invaluable for both historical and forecasted income.

In conjunction with outsourcing our commission management to the efficient team at CommCentral, we have had a wonderful relationship with all parts of the Revex Group over the past 3 years.

From old relationships to building new ones, the Revex commitment to support and service is unwavering and continues to drive our business

We decided to change to Revex after taking the time to see what other commission systems where available in the market place and seeing if there was a better fit for our business.

The team at Revex have gone above and beyond with their training and assistance in getting us up and running and we sincerely thank them for their exceptional support thus far.




With a penchant for developing industry leading software, John created the former leader of financial planning revenue management, DMS.

A long and vibrant history across the industry has lead him to senior roles within financial planning, accountancy and dealer group positions, giving him the title as perhaps the most experienced professional in Australia within our field.

John’s dedication to the business is inimitable. Partial to fine red wines and complete with a dry sense of humour, it’s never a dull moment when the boss is in the office.



Anyone who has had the pleasure of working alongside Janine will understand her passion for the industry, which reflects daily in her work and dedication to all of our clients.

As a shareholder of CommCentral, and with industry experience rivaling that of John’s, Janine is and continues to be an asset, credit and mentor to our team.

Janine and our team, are also credited with providing our clients a continuous and uninterrupted level of cheer and smiles, either over the phone or in person. With Ayla, Liz and Andrew supporting her efforts, there is undeniably, no better team to have on your side!



After spending 10 years helping other businesses grow across several roles within the banking sector, Jackson now helps us, help you.

With experience, attitude and reputation for getting things done, Jackson has been critical in building the Revex brand and bringing our suite of solutions to market.

Strategy, relationships, opportunities and progress define Jackson’s work ethic. You’ll see him at industry events, engaging clients, current and prospective, all in the name of bettering communication and collaboration across the industry. An interest in fine wine, snowboarding or European cars will see you set for an immediate bond!

“We are proudly independent and are completely agnostic to Planning Software. Our goal is to provide our clients with cost effective access to Premium Software, Premium People.”


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The Revex Group will not provide generic pricing models, as we strongly believe that partnering with a business is an individual relationship.

Every relationship is different. From your standard operating requirements, to customisation, outsourcing components, payment collection methods and reporting, our staff will ask the questions that few, if any, of our competitors even think of.