Revex Solutions, the commission and revenue software solution provider today announced the launch of its mobile application, which allows financial planners to access client details and provide real time invoicing while working outside of the office directly from the Revex software

Revex Solutions National Accounts Manager, Jackson Meurant, said Revex Mobile had been developed in response to market demand and the importance of real time client information and transparency.

“The mobile application is fully integrated with Revex and allows users to access their clients’ key data, fees and invoicing capability,” Mr Meurant said.

Revex Mobile delivers the key client information that is available on Revex direct to the users’ mobile device, allowing users to access client information at any time, and any place.

“Along with the functionality to search through the client base and to quickly view basic information for each client, the Client Dashboard functionality allows an in-depth view of client information.

Key features of Revex Mobile include:

Real time access to key client details and portfolio information in Revex software
The functionality to get up to date fee information

The ability to create new invoicing, and
The capability to view past and present fees on products held by the client